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Brand Feature: Ode to Sunday

September 27, 2016

    A couple months ago I stumbled upon the Instagram account of Ode to Sunday, a Lithuania based independent clothing line, and was attracted to their relaxed-chic minimal aesthetic and wearable silhouettes.

But, I was especially charmed by the way they’ve cultivated a story behind their brand centered around slowing down and being present in each moment.  The casual and comfortable aesthetic of their linen collection seemed to go hand-in-hand with a lifestyle focused on connecting with friends and family and finding joy in every day moments. Sunday is the day of the week we associate with relaxing and winding down, so Ode to Sunday connects with creatives the world over who share stories on their blog about how they spend their Sundays. In this busy, uber connected world we live in, I think we can all appreciate and get behind the notion that we should devote at least one day per week to the really important stuff – work, deadlines, and social media be damned.

As luck would have it, shortly after I saw their Instagram,  the gals at Ode to Sunday reached out to me to collaborate and through language barriers and time zones we managed to connect and I’m happy to share this brand with you.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, co-founders Vaida and Agnė had originally set out to find jobs in their respective fields of photography and graphic design, but didn’t quite feel that their creative needs were being met. Unsatisfied, the two set out to start a project together and the result is their brand Ode to Sunday.

As a small brand, Vaida and Agne do their best to make choices that are eco-friendly and create as little waste as possible. For that reason, they’ve created more of a basic collection with various colors, forgoing the need to create new collections each season.  As Vaida notes, “We wanted a different view on the basic wardrobe, to try to make it durable with the hope that it would last through the changes in fashion. Our choice of linen fabric  does not need a lot of resources to be prepared, is easy to care for and if properly used can be worn for years to come. We don’t produce a lot of products at the same time, this way we avoid unnecessary waste problems.

According to Vaida, the notion of slow fashion and the conscious consumer is still in its infancy in Lithuania; One could say the Ode to Sunday is a pioneer of sorts, as they’re at the helm of a burgeoning movement that they hope will continue to grow.  They are proud to be able to source work locally and Vaida says, “We care for our community a lot and want to create a better future here. We choose to work with local suppliers. To create locally without using factories. The seamstresses are well-paid and have a free work schedule. We prepare every product as an individual order, from beginning to end, to ensure the best result possible.”

 Vaida and Agne have created this collection for anyone who shares their belief that time spent enjoying the small riches in life is time well spent. At the heart of Ode to Sunday is the belief that one has to contribute if one wants to see a more beautiful world. So the line is for all the  dreamers, doers and makers of the world.

Crafted with natural linen, each piece becomes softer and cozier with each wear.  The simple lines ensure that they’ll remain relevant for seasons to come and act as a neutral canvas to be brought to life by the wearer.

Since I tend to be more of a tee shirt and jeans type of girl, I opted for the Uma tee in white. I love that it’s basic enough to wear with jeans and sneakers or sandals, but has a more elevated aesthetic because of the linen fabric and the flattering boat neckline, so it would also work well dressed up.


I’ve paired my Uma tee here with:

  high-waist Imogene + Willie denim

Indosole sandals from Bead and Reel

Earrings by Layers of Earth

Bracelet by Hand Meets Sky

It also looks cute untucked



And as far as how Vaida and Agne spend their Sunday:

 “On Sundays we try to spend our time as positively as possible and forget all our troubles. We’re thankful to have the opportunity to switch off. Most of the time it’s pretty spontaneous – a calm morning with a book, a bicycle ride by the river, having a walk by the seaside, visiting friends or discovering new locations. “

Check out other pieces in their line here,  including Vaida and Agne’s favorite set is the Naomi shirt in white + Hanna pants in charcoal gray












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