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Versatility is Vetta Capsule

September 26, 2016
I always enjoy wardrobe pieces that offer versatility, which is why I was drawn to Vetta Capsule’s debut collection on Kickstarter this past spring.
With capsule style wardrobes gaining momentum, there seems to be a proliferation of independent brands who are designing collections with a mix-and-match versatility in mind.  Vetta manages to do this in a way that feels fresh, as many of their pieces can be worn in different ways, which create entirely new looks, form, and function.
While I didn’t purchase anything from their first line, I wanted to share a review by my  outrageously stylish blogger friend Annie of Terumah, who blogs about slow fashion, green beauty, art, travel and culture.

The following, written by Annie Zhu, originally appeared on Terumah


I waited patiently all spring and summer for VETTA Capsule’s chambray Two Piece Dress to arrive in the mail. When I first saw their Kickstarter campaign back in April, I was definitely intrigued. While culottes and tunic dresses aren’t really my thing, their Two Piece Dress caught my eye. It’s fun and I seem to be digging pom poms these days.

VETTA’s collection—made in NYC with eco-friendly fabrics—of only five pieces can be mixed and matched to create up to 30 outfits. If you think basics from capsule wardrobes are boring, VETTA proves it doesn’t have to be. What I also like is that their stuff is machine washable. The fabric is soft and can get wrinkly, but nothing an iron or a hand steamer can’t get out.

The chambray dress can be worn as a two-piece dress, or together into a one-piece dress (see below), however long or short you want. The skirt alone can be worn as a tube dress. And of course the top and the skirt can be split up and worn with other pieces from your wardrobe.

You’ll probably see me wear either piece in future #EthicalOOTD posts. I’m thinking the top would go really well with high-waisted white jeans. I’ve already worn it with high-waisted denim shorts (slightly scandalous) out for a bar night. If you want to be more demure, you can raise the sides up to cover the shoulders. A couple of friends were only interested in the top. Unfortunately it can not be bought as a separate item right now.

If you’re wondering what happens when I lift my arms, I’m covered. This piece has another layer underneath that goes over the chest. I’ve had curious friends lift up the top to take a peek—Mihaela, I’m talking to you.




HEELS – SYDNEY BROWN (see it with other outfits)

BOATER HAT — LILLIPUT HATS (see it with other outfits)

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