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Finding Balance : Reclaiming My Health After Birth Control Pills

August 1, 2016

Just over a month ago I had a laparoscopic myomectomy to remove two large fibroids from my uterus.

The bigger fibroid had grown so large and in such a way that it distorted my uterus and caused it to tilt backward.

This fibroid, which had been growing inside my body for years without my knowledge, was the cause of debilitating pain, light incontinence due to pressure on my bladder, and very uncomfortable bloating. It eventually got so bad that I was lucky if I had 5 pain-free days each month.

But let’s rewind a bit.

As a young 13 year old girl, I was prescribed birth control pills to help regulate very painful menstruation.  I spent the next  THIRTEEN years on various types of birth control pills, simply switching brands when I had unpleasant side effects like anxiety and panic attacks. Little did I know that the painful menstruation and other PMS symptoms were signs of hormonal imbalances whose symptoms the birth control pills would simply suppress.

When I was 26 I developed melasma. Although I cannot prove that The Pill caused the melasma, all the literature I’ve read and all the dermatologists I’ve seen presume that it was the cause.

Despite discontinuing The Pill at age 26, the melasma has since spread and gets worse each passing year.

It wasn’t until recently that the menstrual cramping, pain, and bloating I had been experiencing for so many years became so unmanageable that I got more serious about seeing doctors and reading about what could be the cause of these problems.

During this time I finally made the connection that I was likely experiencing hormonal imbalance, which I had suspected before, and possibly adrenal fatigue.  In my research I also began thinking the melasma on my face was somehow connected to the cramping and bloating in my body.

I saw multiple doctors who ran blood panels and assured me that my hormones were fine. Everything I was reading was telling me that my entire hormonal system was out of whack ; however, it’s easy to doubt one’s intuition when a doctor is telling you you’re wrong. And so, I continued to go through the motions: getting ultrasounds, MRIs, and additional tests which would finally lead me to having surgery.

I am grateful to the doctors for finding my fibroids and removing them. I already feel better now that they’re out of my body. BUT, when prodded with questions about why this happened, or how to heal my body to prevent this from happening again, and what the next steps should be considering there were still small fibroids in my uterus that she couldn’t remove, my gynecologist essentially told me that it was genetic and there is nothing I can do.

She even had the gall to say to me “If the fibroids in your uterus grow they’ll take years and years and hopefully by then YOU WONT NEED YOUR UTERUS ANYMORE.”

I sat there and blankly stared at her for a moment processing what she had just said to me so casually.

This is the solution?  Rather than attempting to address underlying issues that would cause my body to grow fibroids in the first place, the solution in the medical community is to REMOVE MY UTERUS?!

Cut and prescribe pills. Cut and prescribe pills.

Shouldn’t medicine focus on prevention and addressing the root cause of problems instead of defaulting to surgery or prescribing pills that either mask symptoms, or treat one problem while giving rise to another?

I’ve decided to take my issues into my own hands and seek alternative methods of treatment.  In connecting with Hanna of Sotela, who had similar problems with birth control, she recommended that I read Womancode, which effectively confirmed what I had been feeling lately: my problems are related to hormones and the birth control pill helped to facilitate the progression of this imbalance over so many years.

I’m now working with a naturopathic doctor who ordered both hormonal and digestive lab tests. It will take a few weeks for the results to come back, but it is amazing how empowering it feels when you take your health into your own hands and have real solutions instead of band aids.

Stay tuned for updates on my path to health and balance!

And if you’ve had a similar experience please do share.




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