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September 24, 2015

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Rosy September 26, 2015 at 8:27 pm

That’s great! I liked the post, and I’m advising that I’m NOT vegetarian, but I DON’T eat bovine, canine feline neither pork meat, because I don’t like how it tastes neither the animal suffering, and I also NEVER bought none piece of clothe made with animal product, such as fur or leather, only synthetics 🙂 and people sometimes have a false notion that animals don’t have souls neither suffer at the hour of die, but I believe that they can suffer a lot at the hour of death 🙁 specially if they’re on a slaughter or anything similar. If they’re euthanized on a HUMAN way they DON’T suffer, so, I feel sad by the animals who have to face a slaughter, and I feel sad by these animals who are killed “by fun” or by their fur, like the foxes in some countries. And do you know that our beloved dogs and cats are ate in some countries? Yes, yes, it’s sad but it REALLY occurs, specially in some Asian countries, as China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, but I think that so much more countries practice this abominable act. Some of them practice it by hungry, who I think that’s OK, it’s a reasonable motive, but other of them practice it due to “cultural reasons”, similar to what we make with cows in America and Europe. It’s more due to culture than real necessity, I think 😉 so, I believe that if all people see an animal suffering at the slaughter, the world would be vegetarian, perhaps vegan, because nobody who’s considered normal like to see an animal suffering. I know because I saw a similar scene, but with a dog. The poor dog was hit by a motorcycle and the motorcyclist doesn’t made nothing by the animal, who ran, scared and in pain! It was very revolting for me, but people saw it as a “normal” scene! If you see it as a “normal” scene, OK. But it isn’t a normal scene for me, who grew up around dogs and cats, so, I have a special affection with dogs, inclusive I had a white KBD (Kintamani Bali Dog) called Bali, when I was adolescent 😀 Weh, continuing, I said you that if all people in the world saw an animal suffering in the slaughter, the world probably would be vegetarian, perhaps vegan, because nobody who’s normal like to see an animal suffering to end in a restaurant. I don’t would like to see it neither you. So, I DON’T eat bovine, canine, feline neither pork meat, because I wouldn’t like to incentive the animal suffering industry, because it’s against all that I believe.


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