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EWCxShopEthica Summer Giveaway!

June 22, 2015

Hey Guys!
Happy Monday!

I’m excited to be partnering with my friends at the Ethical Writers Coalition and Shop Ethica , an online retailer dedicated to selling ethically and sustainably produced fashion, for a summer giveaway!

We’re giving away the organic cotton tote bag featured in this image.  Head on over to my Instagram account @my_kind_closet to for rules and to enter!  Good Luck!

EWCxEthica_ig_image{Organic Cotton Cloud Bag by Valentine Gauthier | Valued at $141 }



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Rosy June 23, 2015 at 12:57 am

Hi, it’s me again! Do you remember of me? I talked you I had a KBD (Kintamani Bali Dog) when I was a child, and I talked I was living in Costa Rica. Weh, now, I’m living in Brazil. It’s a great place to live and love. I loved the purse. This’s my stile! 😉 but I think I have so many purses hahaha I’m an inveterate traveller. The life look like the sea waves, unstable and violent, but calm and serene at the same time. I only have idyllic memories of my childhood! The sea smell, the smell of jasmines, the mango smell, the hot and humid climate, the Kintamani dogs, the beach, all of this reminds me of my childhood! Do you have any idyllic memory of your childhood?

Rosy June 23, 2015 at 1:14 am

Oh, I was almost forgetting! I bought a KBD (Kintamani Bali Dog) on a trip who I made recently. It’s a male. His name’s Djoko. We’re good friends, now. Dogs and humans are life partners. I like to write. And, one day, I’ll write a book. 😀


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