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Shit I Want Right Now: The Spring Edition

April 21, 2015

About twice a year I get that all too familiar and slightly menacing feeling that I HATE EVERYTHING IN MY CLOSET AND I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. {wah}

Let’s be honest: a serious problem this most certainly is not. But, for real, I have nothing to wear once the weather becomes glorious, okay?

And so it begins – my biannual quest for shit I want, but probably don’t really need, in hopes that it will quell my ever growing internal foreboding about my lack of seasonally appropriate attire.

And lo, the following items I would like to acquire:

1. A nice new spring jacket!

I’m really digging this Kaitlin Utility Jacket from Vaute Coutoure

I’m a jacket person. I like jackets.

The weather in New England is bananas, so being prepared with the proper jacket for any manner of weather is a necessity.

One must also realize that here the spring season is more of an abstract concept rather than an actual season. In some regions spring is the harbinger of sunny weather, blue skies, chirping birds, and new beginnings.  Well isn’t that just lovely! For me, spring means rain and mud and frustration because it’s supposed to be nice, you guys! It can last anywhere from one week, to a couple of months, to just one day when it abruptly becomes “niceish” outside.  Regardless, there WILL be lots of rainy, grey days so a girl needs a cute rain coat, dammit!

I also really like this waxed canvas jacket by Barbour (also available at Madewell)

I think the striped lining is a nice little detail.

Finally, I really would like the talented folks over at James Payne to produce more of this jacket. I LOVE IT!  {I’m saving my current obsession with palm and floral prints for another post, don’t you worry your little heart}

{Poppers Anorak | James Payne}

2. Versatile summery heels or wedges that can be worn with: skirts, dresses, boyfriend jeans, rompers etc.

I honestly never became a “shoe” person until I became vegan.  Removing animal products, particularly leather, from my wardrobe meant that I needed to spend more time researching brands and designers who used vegan leather textiles, which had a few happy consequences: becoming more aware of fabrics that are much more environmentally friendly than traditional leather, in addition to learning about some great vegan brands who are committed to fair labor practices.  Not only do I have a greater appreciation for the shoes I wear on my feet, I also feel empowered knowing that I can support brands who are doing better for animals, the environment, and the people they employ.

One such brand is Nicora Johns, who I post about often because I LOVE their shoes, but also their mission to usher a new era of shoe making back to the United States and provide animal friendly and eco friendly manufacturing opportunities to other brands/designers. It’s a win-win!

Anyway, I’ve had my eye on these Willow booties in white for ages now….

I also have my eye on these wooden heels by BP available at Moo Shoes

Product image

3. Some sort of skirt and top set….First order of business is a casual one.

I justify my “need” for a coordinate set by the fact that it’s pretty much a 2-for-1 deal – so versatile! Wear ’em together, wear ’em apart, whatever!

My New England seaside sensibilities always show their true colors when I notice that all the styles I’ve bookmarked have nautical stripes. Lately, this has been the case as I search for a cute coordinate.  High on my list is this little co-ord from ASOS

or this other one also from ASOS

My love for Reformation is strong, and so is my love for this Gwen two-piece….. I do like it in the bright coral color that’s available, but the black is obviously super versatile and can be dressed up and down and all around.

4. A fancy spring clutch

Viva Creatures makes some nice looking bags – perhaps you’ve read about them here and here – and I’m loving the color combination of this little guy, Claude:

Side note: their entire opening collection – their “V” collection – is now on sale on their website at an amazing 30% off! Get ’em while their hot!

I also can’t get enough of the poppy color of Matt and Nat’s Robby clutch

5. Last but not least:  A good denim jacket!

I nearly burned down the venue at a friends wedding a few months ago.

Yep. I’m that girl. My husband and I had to arrive late and I was just so overjoyed that we finally made it to celebrate that I carelessly tossed my denim jacket (yes I was wearing a denim jacket over my fancy dress to a wedding. deal with it) onto the table without noting the lovely little tea candles scattered about. Luckily, a bartender noticed the smoke rising from the flames that caught on my sleeve and put that fire out. phew! I felt like an asshole and was also bummed that my beloved denim jacket was destroyed — but it’s now a vest, so all is not lost.

I don’t have any particular denim jacket in mind. I think I’ll just know it when I see it!

Are any of you currently in spring closet cleaning mode?



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aspoonfulofnature April 21, 2015 at 6:55 pm

Barbour jackets are the best!!


My Kind Closet April 21, 2015 at 8:09 pm

they really are!
I just checked out your blog – it’s lovely!

aspoonfulofnature April 22, 2015 at 8:52 am

Thanks 🙂


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