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5 Earth Day Activities for You and The Fam – or whoever!

April 21, 2015

Tomorrow is Earth Day…… While it’s important to live every day mindful of our impact on the planet, it’s nice to commemorate that importance on a special day.

Consider doing something that’s both fun, worthwhile, and potentially educational for your kid, younger sibling, or any young impressionable cats you hang around with.

Participate in a clean up!

Check to see if your city, town, local environmental organization, beach etc is having a clean up on Earth Day! It’s obviously a great way to spend time outside, particularly if it’s a nice day, but is also a nice way to give back to your community while connecting with others in your area! It’s also a great way to learn about clean ups and other environmental initiatives that might happen throughout the year in your community…. It’s great to do these things year round!

Challenge yourself to abstain from using any wasteful products for the day!

You can interpret this any way you’d like, but you’d be surprised by how much unnecessary waste an individual actually creates in a day….. Do you get a daily cup of coffee from your local cafe? Bring your own travel mug instead…. Grabbing some lunch to-go? Do you really need that plastic bag to carry it back to your office? Nope!! Be mindful all day and you’ll see just how easy it is to cut back on wasteful products like single use plastic bags , coffee cups, and other waste.  Maybe Earth Day is the day you start doing small things like using refillable glass water bottles instead of purchasing plastic ones, bringing canvas shopping bags with you to the store, or carpooling more with coworkers.  Do what you can!

I use and LOVE this glass water bottle with lemon reamer from Full Circle


Eat Vegan on Earth Day!

Perhaps you’ve never really given it much thought, but did you know that animal agriculture is a major drag on the environment?  Aside from the obvious animal cruelty factors that motivate many to become vegan there are plenty of other problems: growing feed for livestock accounts for 56% of water use in the United States, in addition to contributing to global warming by producing 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions. gross! This doesn’t even begin to cover the social implications of the Western demand for meat, which is complex and upsetting on every level. For example, huge portions of the Amazon rainforest are clear cut every single day, destroying precious forest and displacing indigenous peoples, to grow crops for livestock. In addition, the grain that is grown for livestock feed could feed WAY MORE PEOPLE than the meat produced by those animals ever could.  Essentially, and this is harsh but true, our hunger for meat is effectively contributing to hunger in other parts of the world… It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the good news is that we can do something about it.

So, make Earth Day the day you try eating vegan for a day…… I’m confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is, so I hope that it will motivate you to challenge yourself to continue.. Check out some of my favorite recipe blogs for meal planning help: Oh She Glows , My New Roots, and The Minimalist Baker.  The last two have some non-vegan recipes, so just be aware!

. If it seems too daunting to do on your own consider enrolling in a program like Colleen Patrick-Godreau’s 30 day vegan challenge… Menus, recipes, ingredient lists, and motivation will all be supplied to you!  Give it a go and tell me how it works for you!

Donate to an environmental cause you feel passionate about

Many environmental groups are non-profit and rely on donations from their supporters. For example, my local environmental organization Clean Ocean Access runs beach clean ups all year long, established a water testing program and raised water quality issues with local government, and works to ensure public access to our beaches.  Research what local groups might exist in your area.

Or, you could donate to a more nationally known group… I like Sea Shepherd

Plant a community garden or one at home

Home and community gardens are great educational resources for the young guns, and create wonderful opportunities to connect to the Earth and detach kids {and grown ups!} from their electronics for a bit! Community gardens can also serve to beautify shared spaces within your community.

Plant some fruits and vegetables that will grow well in your grow zone.. There’s nothing quite like picking fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden.. Also consider planting some indigenous plants and flowers that will attract honey bees!

No community garden in your area? Check out this handy-dandy guide to starting a community garden from the American Community Garden Association.
Tell me if you’re celebrating Earth Day!



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